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Cherish Your HD Streaming Experience With Your Close Ones

For every friend you introduce to GordoTV, you can get an exceptional reward of a free subscription worth two months of unlimited entertainment!

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How Does it Work?


  1. Your referral must buy a plan above 3 months.

  2. Fill out our referral form below.

  3. Once we verify the details you submitted, we will update your account if all terms & conditions have been met.

​Terms & Conditions

  • To be eligible for this credit, your referral friend must have purchased at least a 3 month subscription with GordoTV within the last 7 days.

  • Your Referral should haven't purchased any previous subscription.

  • You must have an ACTIVE subscription with at least 30 days remaining in your subscription.

  • If you and your friend got a subscription at the same time, only one of you can claim this promotion. The first one to submit the form will be the only one that receives the credit applied to their account. (First come, first served basis)

  • Each referral (one time per friend) will give you a 2 month free subscription of GordoTV, so bring all your friends because there is no limit of referrals!


Get a 2 Month Free

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